Achieving what
seems impossible,


Instead of solving problems, we dissolve them

Instead of trying to predict the future, we create it.

Instead of persuading detractors, we issue irresistible invitations.

We invite you, as a leader, to pursue bold projects that make visible the invisible, to achieve as much as you dare, while making possible what might appear impossible, within a short period of time, especially when you are facing major crises or threats to your survival.

Focused on Unique Situations

As we only focus on unique situations and issues that are resistant to conventional approaches, our methodology mobilizes the best knowledge, the best talent and the best tools available to develop bespoke, unusual and unexpected responses; and to transform individual and collective ideas, dreams and aspirations into reality.

Achieving Extraordinary Performance

Together, we could harness the power of what is priceless – emotions, perceptions, insights, beliefs, relationships – to enhance the capacity of organizations to achieve extraordinary levels of performance.

Current Flagship Projects

Sample of Completed Projects

Given the highly sensitive nature of the private challenges we tackle, the following list is
limited to a sample of initiatives for which there is information available to the public.

Core Team

The main role of this team is to co-create the overall strategy
for each initiative with the host organization.

The team then selects members of a worldwide network of top minds, from over 100 countries, who cannot be
bought, and engage them in what otherwise would be impossible missions.

Alex Jadad
Alia Jadad
Tamen Jadad
Martha García
Juan David Vergara

Alex Jadad

Dr. Alejandro (Alex) Jadad is a physician, philosopher, teacher, innovator and entrepreneur. He has been called “The Human Internet”, because of his ability to bring together the best available resources in the world, across traditional boundaries, to invite and enable people - either as individuals or groups - to create new and better ways of living, healing, working, learning and loving, as part of a flourishing planet.

He holds four doctorates (two honorary), is the author of 11 books and hundreds of scientific publications focused on the creation of a new reality at different levels, from the personal to the global.

Alia Jadad

Alia is a UK-born entrepreneur, raised as a Canadian by Colombian parents. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh with an MA (hons) in Economics and Finance. She created her first enterprise at the age of 8 when she decided to build a company devoted to designing clothes for children by children.

Valuing deep connectedness above all things, she spends most of her time raising her own children, while running several businesses devoted to nurturing minds, bodies and relationships, especially during the first years of life. Her work seeks to promote innovative learning approaches to support the development of strong families, enabling children to become as good humans as they dare, and parents to avoid having to choose between their families and their own careers.

Tamen Jadad

Tamen is an entrepreneur and philosopher who builds on the best theoretical and scientific knowledge from psychology, sociology and business to create delicious immersive experiences with the aim of being an organization’s ally to thrive, especially when facing missions that appear impossible to accomplish.

She graduated from King’s College London in Business Management. During her studies, she explored the impact of parental support on the ability of young successful entrepreneurs to have romantic relationships. She created a new conceptualization of love, and has become an educator on love and wisdom, while focusing on understanding and identifying the criteria that make a life full, and publishing several books and articles on these areas.

Martha García

Martha is a Colombian-Canadian health professional, entrepreneur and philanthropist. After working as a clinical biochemist at Oxford, United Kingdom, from 1990 to 1995, she moved with her family to Canada, where she founded Foresight Links Corporation in 1996, to promote initiatives based on the best available evidence from scientific research. She was awarded an Executive MBA degree from the Kellogg-Schulich program at York University.

She is also a vocal activist for several causes spanning women’s rights, healthcare and equity.

Juan David Vergara

Juan’s efforts are focused on creating ground-breaking ideas that harness the power of art to unleash personal and collective transformation. He has a background in mass communications, journalism and marketing.

His aim is to channel the emotional energy generated by large sporting and musical spectacles to motivate human reflection and behaviors that lead to optimal levels of health, happiness and well-being.



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