What if the world’s largest cooperative could create a living laboratory to lead efforts in reinventing food for humanity, and create new forms of work focused on human sustainability?

This question forged a strong relationship between Bati and Mondragon, the world’s largest worker-owned cooperative. Their revenue in 2015 was USD$15 Billion generated by almost 75,000 employees/owners. and in that same year, the joint project began to create a living laboratory for reinventing food for humanity, new forms of work and human sustainability, using the World Health Day as a launching pad for breakthrough initiatives harnessing the huge power of such a special organisation.

References: The corporate video promotion and summary of the celebration featuring Dr. Alex Jadad and Tamen Jadad Garcia; What’s Next for the World’s Largest Federation of Worker-Owned Co-Ops? A conversation with Mondragon President Josu Ugarte on the future of the mega-cooperative.