What would it take, in this era of hyper-abundance of resources, to ensure that life goes well, for every person, family, organization, community, and society, as part of a planet in which all other living forms could do the same?

This is the question that Compensar, a non-profit entity that pools funds from employees of more than 95,000 organizations to provide well-being services to over four million people in Colombia, decided to answer, at a time when humans are also facing an existential crisis fueled by environmental, biological, social and economic challenges of their own making.

The experience is captured in a book describing how a world-class network of healthcare service providers is propelling a shift from health to well-being insurance. It also illustrates how Compensar is engaging all its own employees – more than 12,000 – to transform their workplace into an incubator of massively personalized well-being prescriptions, à la carte, for themselves and their loved ones, which could then be offered to the organizations they serve. Lastly, the book outlines how Compensar is transforming a large housing project for 100,000 members of low-income families into a leading-edge community-based living laboratory in which to nurture collaborative projects and scalable social enterprises that could contribute to the emergence of cities of well-being.

Above all, the project and accompanying book act as an invitation to join forces, at this critical juncture in our history, and believe that we could muster the inspiration, courage, wisdom, generosity and creativity that are needed to enable every person and creature on earth to enjoy a full life.
References: Toward sustainable well-being for all